HSSE & QA/QC System of the Company Concept of Health & Professional Safety:

Health and Professional Safety is defined as the field aims to keep worker in safe preventing occurrence risks are accompanied with job or its circumstances through treating personal or technical factors may lead to these risks and then improving work environment and its circumstances keeping the physical and mental conditions of the staff good permanently.

Field of Professional Safety becomes self-standing science is emerged to put rules and regulations keeping the man health and life away from risks of injury, death and to keep assets away from damage or loss.

The Importance of Health and Professional Safety has important role in our daily life, especially inside worksite as it can be defined as set of preventive procedures and precaution measure are put to make work progress smoothly without no risk may obstacle implementing programs and plans.

The Objective of preparing Health and Professional Safety Plan.

Protection of the constituents of human and material production and providing the necessities making work environment safe and to reduce the cost of production and increase productivity; the issue for which, it should be by full cooperation among safety officers and those of executive sectors in different fields to secure best and required conditions to complete works without exposing to risks, accidents and injuries.